As a creative, sometimes it's hard to find motivation and get out of your shell. I created a tshirt and had my first drop yesterday. I made a select few shirts, but sold out plus had a few preorders for my next batch. The design was inspired by being a female who hustles just like a man does.  As a woman who wanted to see other women flourish, this shirt is bomb!

The shirts are $20. If you are out of the Omaha, Nebraska area shipping is also available for an additional $5. The next drop will be special. Any size can be ordered.  Color selection is currently limited, but expanding as you read this blog.  

 Paypal, Venmo, & Cashapp accepted. 
 Contact me on any social media, email: feedmekicks@yahoo.com, or shoot a text to 402-348-9317.



As I sit back and over look how the world has changed in just less than a year, it really makes me look into myself more. What can I be doing to make more happiness and light for the world? What can I be doing to make a bigger impact, to make myself more beneficial. Being at a stand still has never really been something that I have grown accustomed to. I always shoot for the highest point that I can see and go for it. In 2020, I really grew a lot on the professional side of things. I obtained my second insurance license, my Life Insurance license. I also stepped heavily into being a notary and took it upon myself to take an additional course to become a Notary Signing Agent for the state of Nebraska. I say all of that to say this - keep going. There is always a higher goal to meet. Even though I have accomplished these goals and I have gained new licenses and certifications, I still have yet to make a plan as to how to utilize these new licenses for myself. Being uncomfortable is never something that someone wants, BUT I have found that with unconfortability comes growth, which is what most are striving for. If you are struggling with something at the moment, take a second to look back at what you have accomplished and where you are wanting to do. As cliche as "there's levels to this" sounds - it is very true. Trying to skip level will have you doing too much too fast. Focus on each step so that you can master it and move ahead effectively. Tell me what your goals are for 2021. Tell me what you plan to do to keep focused. As always, you can email me or drop me a message if you have specific things you would like to discuss. If you need motivation, advice, etc- I want to help. Let me know what topics you would like me to delve into. Also let me know if you prefer reading my words or if you would enjoy videos better. I am starting my YouTube channel as well, but I want to make sure I am catering to those who are in need of my light. Stay Excellent. -Audrey



Hey everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog.



This has been my main purpose all throughout my life. I have been debating on which direction I should take my audience. I know a lot of people remember this website for music submissions, interviews, and all around supporting the creatives of all things. I still want to utilize that aspect, but I also want to take the time to really use what my purpose is. I will be starting a YouTube channel with videos. I will also be posting several short words of encouragement on this website as well. Let me know below in the comments what type of advice or information you would like me to create. I am open and willing to dabble in any topic. It is coming soon.



If you scroll down you can see where this website has been and what it was used for in the past. I am excited to show you new things and to see what 2020 has in store for me. I have many projects in the works and I am so excited to STILL be using this website after 10+ years. I am working on a lipstick line, a motivational YouTube channel, and I am still doing graphic designing and other DIY projects. Check back in the near future to see updates from me. I appreciate you.