Nick Pratt - Mean Muggin

I love southern music. I love the slang, beat, ect. Everything. This song is no exception. I've never heard of Nick Pratt until now, but I'm glad I did.

Listen to the song below and then hit up his Twitter @NickPrattMusic

Dizzy - Niggas In Paris (Video)


Will Smooth - Damaged (Video)

Will Smooth just keeps getting better and better! I love this video. It was directed by Jada Stakkz, who traveled to NY from Florida to shoot and edit the video. Visit the links below to learn more about Jada Stakkz and Will Smooth.



Newz Huddle - Believe It (Trailer)

Jay-Cro & KBunz - Panties Drop (Official Video)

You can download the "No Panties" mixtape at Dat Piff. Follow the panty dropper himself @JAYCRO877.



J.O. - Cypher 1.0

Welp. There it is! This is my first time hearing @ripveezo rap, but he's nice. Glad to see somethin dope comin out of my city.