Greatest Rappers of All Time

last week, billboard announced their top ten greatest rappers of all time list. it is 

1. Biggie
2. Jay-Z
3. Eminem 
4. Rakim
5. Nas
6. Andre 3000
7. Lauryn Hill
8. Ghoatface Killah
9. Kendrick Lamar
10. Lil Wayne

greatest rappers of all time are always debatable with various rappers interchanging others. I have only one issue with this list though. as a fan of hip hop as a whole, I can respect certain artists being placed on the list with no question. however, Kendrick Lamar is not one of them. I don't want anyone to think I'm a Kendrick hater or anything like that, because I love his music. I just don't personally think that he has quite earned the "of all time" title. if this was 96 I'd say biggie shouldn't be there, due to lack of material. it's now 20 years later and we're still bangin the same biggie joints like they're new. Rakim's paid in full has so many quotables I'm trying not to drop one and it's almost 2016. Andre 3k only raps when he wants to and when he does, we listen. Ghostface is so dope, that when he stopped dropping new music, we took Action Bronson as a watered down substitute (no diss, Ghostface is actually THAT nice).  I say all that to say this; longevity is a trait of greatness, and that's the thing Kendrick lacks as of now. if in 20 years Kendrick is still astonishing people with his lyrical fitness from songs old, new, and unwritten; I could say he's one of the greatest rappers of all time, but in 2015 I can think of a few others that are more deserving of the title. 


Allow me

waddup y'all. it's Pablo, just wanted to introduce myself. since I'm joinin the feedmekicks.com team I promise to give you my honest, unbiased opinion on anything I review. I gotta give you guys prime product, because that's what feedmekicks has done for years. it is not something that's going to stop anytime soon. peace. 



I actually really like the style of this song. It has a real back & forth "battle" feel & I'm into that.



I'm so pleased to be able to introduce this track to you because I love it. I love the artwork first of all. The colors and the simplicity is so beautiful to me. I'm always so excited to hear new music from Brandon because it's always something new and fresh. Writing and producing keeps Brandon a part from the rest because it takes talent to be able to do those things. Listen to the track and see what you feel from it.

The track is smooth and the lyrics are really catchy. It's like a modern day love song, with a very eclectic vibe.

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