YES! I did get pierced today. This piercing hurt so bad! It really hurt worse that any other piercing I've gotten. I got it on video. It went super quick. It's amazing. I'm officially addicted to piercings. I cannot help it at all! I think that it's true when people say that you can get addicted to anything. I think that tattoos and piercings are very addicting. I never thought that was true until I got my first one. After my first one, I really wanted another one, but I didn't want to go through the hassle of swelling and other stuff like that. In the end, I did. I've done it 10 times now! I have 6 regular earring holes, my righttragus, my left helix, my tongue, and my right-sided monroe. I still want alotmore,but I think I'm starting to scare my mom. She's pretty cool when it comes to stuff, but not this! I think she just doesn't want me to look weird and stuff, but really I won't! I think she just doesn't want me to get carried away is all. I know she doesn't want to hear my grandma be a grouch. That's never good.

Today was the Central vs. North game..I didn't go. I've never been to a football game for my school, EVER! I think I should've went, but it's too late now. Instead of going, I hung out with my little brother and his friends. It's crazy to me how my brother is so grown up now, and thekids he hangs out with are super funny. It seems like my brother is really popular, and I like that. I always feared that when my sibling would enter high school and middle school that he would get bullied and I would loose my entire mind. He gets made fun of, because kids these days are cruel, but he doesn't take it bad because he has good friends. His friends all love him because he is so funny. They are like little versions of what I am now. I can remember when I was like that. It's kind of like how teenagers my age are, but without money. LOL.

That's all I really did today. I did start to read a book, though.