For some odd reason, I really cannot shake this whole Keri Hilson phase. I mean, she's amazing! There's really just something about her voice that makes me want to be just like her :) She has amazing style, down to earth lyrics, and a voice eyond amazing. I think she's a good artist, and even though some people are just now hearing about her- she's been out & about for a while. I think she kind of missed out on alot of potential stardom because of her record label not pushing her projects. I think Blaque kind of went through the same thing, along with other R&B sonstresses. ie: Tierra Mari

Picture Source: http://kerihilsoncentral.com

Anyway, I'm excited that I was kind of thrown into this whole blogging thing. I've met a few cool people who I think could be really good people to have by my side in the long run. I think it's an awesome way to show creativity, not only with what I write, but also with the Photoshop designs. I'm really looking forward to this whole event of blogging :)


secret love notes said...

blogging is cool. i'm excited too. =]