Why the heck am I so cold?! I really don't understand why this school has to be so darn cold!  I haven't been warm all day! Isn't this bad for your health or something?  I really don't even think I can concentrate like this.  My goodness.  I swear that it shouldn't be this cold inside a building.  

Have you ever wondered why it's so easy to expect things from your friends, but so hard to give the exact same?  I found out that it's easy to expect an apology from a certain friend, but it's so hard to come to terms with yourself and actually doing the EXACT thing you'd expect from them.  I learned that it's hard for me to apologize, even if I know I should be the one apologizing, but it's really easy for me to expect or want an apology in the same instance.  It's easy for you to get mad about something, but it's harder to understand why another person is mad, even if it is about the same situation.  It's kind of hypocritical to me, but at the same time it's true.  

I've been thinking a lot about how friends are.  You can't really even trust your friends, well most of them.  I honestly think there's only one person I can really trust, and that is my best friend Autumn.  Autumn is the only person I trust, and even though I have other friends, I just feel like I cannot completely trust anyone.  I can look at other friends of mine and watch as they talk behind their "best friends" back, with no hesitation.  In the same instance, I wonder if my "friend" talks about me that same way.  It sucks that people can't even be real and honest with their friends, but that's reality.

I've also been shown full-handedly that money changes people.  Money changes everyone.  Money doesn't always change everyone for the worst, but usually that's the case.  I know a few of my close friends that have changed for the worse since they have been impacted upon by money.  Money is the root of all evil, truely.  

PS: Today is Corrie Brown's birthday and she is NOT here! How suckish is that?  I was going to bake her a cake, but I didn't pull through.