did you ever stop and wonder about what your identity will become? not your identity as in, who you are: birthdate, race, ect, ect. but identity as in: person you are inside. today in english we were discussing the current novel we are reading. the book started off bad, but in the end it was an okay book.

back to subject, though...

right now, i know myself as a young adult who works alot and uys many, many pairs of shoes. in the next few years how will that change? will people percieve me differently? thinking back i know that i percieved myself way differently back in freshman year. i was young, naive, and not as mature as i am now. i dressed differently. i was a tom-boy and i didnt know anything about working or how many comes and goes. that has all changed now. i work, get stressed, am going to be going off to college soon. its all a bunch of things. im sure there are more obvious and less-obvious things that have happened since freshman year ot make me change, but when you really sit down and think about it- its CRAZY!