my layout looks really nice. big shouts to mara who helped spice up my blog, hopefully it will attract more in my area or blog. i do want to learn how to do things myself, on this site. i guess it will take time and effort. i do know that school and work has been taking up a huge amount of my time. winter is coming so, that might give me more time considering the fact that i hate snow and coldness.

update on what reading material ive been reading.
i did finish the book "Go Ask Alice", and i pretty much enjoyed the entire book. if you aren't familliar with this book, you should definately check it out. its about a young girl, and i mean young, who goes through that rebel stage of life with her parents and she does some really bad things. i don't want to give too much away, so i'm just gonna shut up about it. it was a good book, though on the contrary.

i am looking for new material to read, if anyone has anything they suggest, go ahead and post a comment please ^_^


secret love notes said...

i want to learn too! is the coding different than regular html?

and tell me what kind of books you're interested in and i'll fersure recommend you some!

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty jealous of your site dude.


secret love notes said...

oh oh omgsh audrey! you have to see my layout. =] i only obsess about this to you because you're the only one who understands my internet nerdy-ness.

Keike Nicole said...

your blog is killing mines.

i'm jealous!

AUDREY said...

i didnt make it, dont be jealous.

i want to change it.