i havent blogged in a few days, well i have- but nothing too meaningful enough to actually read. lets start it all off...

SCHOOL: school has been hectic. i had trouble with deciding on if i should actually register for my ACT or not, considering i just might go to a community college. When i finally decided to do it, i was excited. i know its going to be hard, but eff it. i need to do this. anyways, i convinced myself...and THEN things were going wrong. it was rough but today, i finally finished the registration for my ACT, right on time. my creative writing class has given me more than i can chew. it seems as if i just took that class because it sounded fun, but when i looked at the course title again, i noticed the course was actually called "HONORS ADVANCED creative writing". like WTFF was i thinking?! anyway, the class is cool, but the length of the paoers is ridiculous to me.

I missed ONE DAY of school and i feel like ive been totally left in the dust in my algerba 5-6 class. its TOO ridiculous. ive always struggled with math, but hopefully i can stay on top of my game.

It doesnt sound too overwhelming, but with working- it is! Which leads me to my next subject...

WORK: Work isnt okay! During the summer i was working atleast 40 hours a week, 6 days a week. I was used to those big checks every 2 weeks. Now my checks are practically cut in HALF and i still feel like im working a ton. i think its jsut because of school. Theres not really any drama going on at work, things are going good.

HOMECOMING: Our homecoming is October 11th. The theme is "reality TV", which isnt the best theme, but ehhh. I still do not know if i am for sure going. Even though, it seems like all my friends are going. I just dont got the money for nails, dress, shoes, ect, ect. i know i can make it work with the money ive got, but i just need to be convinced. Ive already taken that saturday off of work, so either way i got a free saturday. chill with me? :)

FRIENDS: i have alot to say in this area of discussiion. if you know me personally, you know that theres bene alot of dramatics going on with my friends...

I feel like this person is turning really rude since she's gotten certain things over the summer. she even went so low as to go and eat before she came and picked me up from school, just so she didnt have to pay for my breakfast. which, without details, sounds like thats what anybody would do, but the thing is i had already bought breakfast TWICE and she had said she was going to buy it a second time as well. I havent really said anything because this person takes me back and forth to school- with gas money from me, though. theres been a few other incidents with her that i havent been too thrilled about, but i havent said anything because i dont want drama to occur, even though its eating me alive!

Im happy to report that i have been getting closer to more people than just my best friend this year! thats what i wanted to do. this is my senior year and i want to meet as many new people that i can, so that i can esatblish life long friendships. all is good in this area. theres this girl, Celeste. Shes really cool. Im glad that i met her. Then theres Corrie. Corrie and I have always known each other for a few years, but this year it seems like we will actually get to know erach other. Shes been my main compadre. My main human diary. Shes really cool, and I wish we would have stayed on talking terms, but... :) I also been tlaking to my old friend, Brittany. Shes cool, and mature. Glad to know someone like her. ALl in all, i hope that i can keep in touch with these people and make them stay in my life.

My internet friend population has been skyrocketing lately. Im not sure if its because ive joined a few new sites or if its because of whom ive been tlaking to OR if its because i went on a request friend rampage. Either way it goes, I really enjoy these people. They make my life less boring, and my inet time goes more smoothly.

I think i should end this post, ive typed alot. please let me know what you think. if you want more details on any of these subjects, let me know.

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