I've had alot of people ask me about my backpack, where I got it, how much I paid, ect, ect.

I'm kind of tired of explaining it. So for the real serious inquiries.....

This is the backpack. It was done by an actual friend of mine, who does urban clothing for a cheap price. He can do many different things,but usually uses clothing paint. He mostly does tees and shoes, but obviously I'm sure he will do anything he can do, basically. He's a real cool person, and is eager to get his work spread around. He's done shirts for many people, and has been many different places in the world, yet he's still a real down to earth character.

You can reach Trendz @ www.myspace.com/trendz305

Here's a picture of Trendz and myself. He also made the shirts we are holding. He's a real good person, and he trys to make things convient for whomever. So if you really are interested, hit his link and tell him what you are interested in.


Lizzy said...

wow, cool stuffs.
your friend is hella talented

AUDREY said...

another cool thing- he does EVERY SINGLE PIECE by hand.

so no matter what, no piece is EXACTLY the same.

Mara said...

First off, your friend is hot. I hope he'll give me his number for other than business purposes.

holla! a sista is single.

LMAO! let me stop..anyhow, he is very talented-a real gift for fashion as well as art. I like I like ;) And your backpack IS the hotness! I am minutely jealous.

AUDREY said...

super freakin' hot is RIGHHHHHT. :)

but too bad, he's tlakin to this freakin hoebag who is UGLY to the core.

& no, im not just hatin.

but thank you, thank you.
i love my backpack & my shirt ^_^