I cannot even begin to explain the issue I have with people now saying "go kill yourself" and other harsh things of that manner. Not only does it make you look stupid, but it makes me LOATHE you. I lost a friend, and it makes me absolutely want to SCREAM when people say ignorant things like that. Yeah, you might think it's funny or whatever- but at the end of the day nobody is laughing when someone they love is hurt or even dies. Since July of this year, I've grown into someone I never thought I would be. Someone seirous and actually MATURE. Well, I've always been mature, but really...I never fathomed people dying and losing someone, ect, ect.

Over the summer, my friend passed away. News reporters went wild with the story. I don't feel the need for details. He was drunk. No seatbelt. Speeding. Yeah, all of those ARE true, but there's a reason why he was speeding and drunk. He was drunk because teeens party! I'm not saying that teen drinking is something that I condone. It's actually NOTHING I condone. I've never been drunk in my life, and I really don't plan on it, but alot of my friends do it & I know that parents of most of us have been engaged in under-age drinking. He was speeding because he was angry. Angry that he had just defended his friends' CHILD EXPECTING girlfriend. Why was he defending her? Because his friend was hitting her. Yeah, look into things deeper before you assume. Assuming on a certain news board, went out of hand. A supposed police chief's wife, the police chief that was on the scene, was slaying Michael Driggers' family with the hurtful words that were displayed on the newsboard.

This link will take you to the article on the newsboard.

Teen Killed In Weekend Crash.

Although, time has passed and I feel better about myself, when this first happened NOBODY wanted to see the hurtful things that were said about Mike. These people who never knew him were talking down on the whole situation. Obviously, we all knew the circumstances should have never happened, BUT the fact is- THEY DID. It was a hard time, and the people who loved Mike had to read these hurtful things. I just want it to be known that Mike was never a violent type of person, he was never unhappy, he NEVER had enemies.

This has been bugging me. All of this. I'm sorry if I seem like I'm over-the-top ranting, but Mike's family and friends don't deserve to be put through this.

Rest In Peace Michael Driggers.