Hi haters!
That's pretty much how I feel.
I really don't care if you like my shoes, how I talk, how I do my hair, or even ME for that matter.
I really just don't care.
I don't care about friends, parents, people in general, ANYTHING.
I honestly don't care about it.

Honestly, I can't see how your outlook can change from day-to-day, going form "OMG, I love that girl. She should be my best friend" to "I cannot believe that I really thought the BS was really not going to be there with her."

All in all, there's a lot to me, that people don't even know.
Disgustingly, I have to figure out who I am and who I honestly want in my life.

This post is really not meaningful because nobody will know how my demeanor has really changed unless you really pay attention to me. Half of you don't, so this post will be meaningless to you.

There's a few people that will probably read this post and feel offended, or some other negative emotion. Why do you feel this way? Because this post is a stab at you, pointed in your direction. Simple as that.