I really wasn't too satisfied with this homecoming. I would have rather been home, or at work. I liked getting ready & seeing everyone out of thier element, but seriously it was NOT worth the money I spent. Let's run it down, a little.

* Nails: $42.00
* Dress: $70.00
*Accessories: $30.00
*Ticket: $12.00

Seriously...all of that money could have been spent on other things, not that it would have been more important than homecoming expenses, but you get it....

Anyways, homecoming was nice, besides the abd new that I got. I'll post a seperate blog for the bad news. Anyway, the night went like this....

First off, I woke up at my cousins' house. I went home around 4 o'clock to start getting ready. I didn't spend money on hair or make-up, I just used my cousin for that! :) She did my hair & make-up making me look all pretty. I left the house with her & my boy cousin around 7:30. We went to the Burger King drive thru. Then we went to the Omaha North High School parking lot. I seriously thought I was in the parking lot of a strip club! I knew that homecoming was for dressing in short dresses, but I didn't know that short shorts & skin tight leggings counted as actual ensambles. It almost made me throw up in my mouth. Anyway, went to the dance, took some pictures, critiques a bunch of females' dress picks, & did all the usuall stuff you do at an event like that. Then I got the bad news...... As shocking as it was, I couldn't let it ruin my night- just yet. I played it off like I was cool, trying to forget what someone had just told me. It was hard, but I found Rachel George & I made it happen! I took some pictures, talked with her & her boyfriend, and then it was time to go. I hadn't made any actual plans for after homecoming because the usual homecoming scene is parties, drugs, and teen drinking. None of that is me, at all, so I decided to just go home where I belonged. I had work the next day anyway, so it was pretty much the better choice to go with. And then the bad news sunk in...

PS: Hopefully, the homecoming pictures will be available on my Myspace & Flickr.


secret love notes said...

I'm happy that you went and I got to chill with you. :)
When you first told me about Scott, I thought you were kidding and I was like "Does Audrey just have some weird sense of humor?" and then I was super sad, but like you said, didn't want to let it ruin the night.
I still can't even believe it. :(