Looking back, I don't think I ever really appreciated how much Jessica means to me. I mean....I DID, but I don't think I ever REALLY realized it. Jessica Breeden is an amazing person. She's not judgemental, she's sweet, honest, and a good friend. She's pretty much one of the type of people you NEED in your life. I never realized how long she's been there for me. We got into one fight, over something really silly. It hurt me really bad, because I shouldn't have treated her that way. She doesn't talk behind your back, doesn't judge who you are, and isn't materialistic. She's one of my better friends that I have. I always know that she is going to be there for me. I've never really needed to talk to her, in a desperate menner, but I know that if I did she wouldn't judge me and she would probably do her best to make me feel better. I want her to know that I'm here for her. No matter what I'm doing, and what you're doing- I'm only a call away. It doesn't matter if it's late, summer, ten years from now, or if I'm not even on talking terms with her- I will always be someone she can fall back on.


Keike Nicole said...

Aww, everything will be okay hun. I know how it is to go thru things like this. Ppl learn from their mistakes. Hold your head up high! If the friendship is meant to be you'll know!

Check me out sometimes!

Mara said...

Aw suga, that's dreadfully sweet of you. We need more ppl in the world like YOU & JESSiCA!

AUDREY said...

i know.
i love her.

Jessica Nichole;; [RIP JMD] said...

awh!!! audrey
i LOVE you so muchh!
i am always here is you need my sweetie!

AUDREY said...