Scott, you will be forever missed. I can picture the last time I saw your face. You were wearing a white shirt. You came up to me in the hallway & said "hey baby", laughing I pushed you away with a quick "You're crazy Scott". As I type this, I'm sad. Sad because you seemed so happy. Sad because nobody knew you were hurting. Sad because OBVIOUSLY you felt you had nobody to to turn to. I'm sad because I miss you. I'm angry because nobody saw this ocming. I'm angry because it was selfish of you in a way to leave all of these people behind, broken & hurt. Your little brother, your mom, your friends....How many people do you think are going to just "get over" the fact that you took your own life? NONE. Even though I don't understand why you did it, I respect your decision. I just want you, Scott, to know that I love you. I miss you already. To walk down the hallways & see all of those broken people hurts. To sit in a classroom that's usually full of laughter & jokes, now dead silent- kills. It hurts me to know that your now gone. Forever. Your life was cut short. You weregoing to be 18 soon. You had so much potential and so much life. It hurts my heart to know that you, of all people, were unhappy. I cried. I cried because I didn't help you. I cried because I didn't know you were sad. I cried because another one of my friends are gone. I will be attending your funeral. I want you to watch over us, all of us who are missing you. I wish I could understand why you walked out on us. Look at how many people cared for you. I just wish I knew why.....

Scott A. Tunstall Jr.
112490- 101108.


secret love notes said...

i just wish this never happened. :(
do you know when the viewing/funeral are?