Getting scholarships is a good ay for free money to pay for an education. I'm very inclined to get some free money somewhere along the way. I have decided to attend Bellevue University. They have a vigorous program, where you earn your Bachelor's degree in 3 years instead of a whopping 4+ year span. Cool, eh? Yeah, I think so too. Anywho, i started to fill out scholarship apps today. I have ONE complete and turned in. I won't know until April if I get randomly chosen for the scholarship, but at least I have some type of motivation for this project. I'm really sick of high school, and I kind of just want to jump the gun and it college. Is that absolutely weird? I kind of think it is, but my college recruiter has gotten me so FREAKIN excited for college that I almost can't stand it. She's amazing. I honestly think if it wasn't for her that I probably wouldn't be half as excited. She didn't sugar-coat ANYTHING, and she definately didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear to choose Bellevue.

All I know is that I'm ready for a change! want to do a lot of different things with my life, and I plan on starting with college. :)

On another note- I'm SUPER eager to get into decorating my room. I recently found out that I enjoy that type of stuff.

Let me know if you have any ideas about how to start me out on this.


le said...

shoutouts to scholarships! college is no damn joke and it is truly expensive! aww you picked your college...you only have a few more months left in HS =]

Adina Renée. said...

scholarships are the bomb.

AUDREY said...
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