SO, you guys should by now know how insane my love for chris brown is. I was just browsing through the blogger updates from posts that I follow, & I read that Aubrey O'Day, formerly from Danity Kane, is prepping for her solo album. That does not surprise me much. SHe's a little bit all over the place for me. I could tell from the day she got picked that she was a person who would suck up fame quicker than she could blink & it would change her persona. It just sucks that she got the best of the limelight & turned out this way. There's alot of people who can sing,dance, act, ect and don't get the chance to go big. Anyways, best of luck to her!

I also read that Chris Brown is/has been working on his THIRD album, which makes me totally excited. I loved, loved, loved, LOVED, his first cd. I also have loved most of his leaked tracks that weren't featured on any albums. I do have his second cd, exclusive, and the bonus Forever Edition of Exclusive. I know that I felt he was a little all-over-the-place with Exclusive. I think it was just him finding his sound, for the most part. Anyways! I know that his third album will be titled, Graffiti. Cool huh? :)


Shantae said...

His first album was dope; I def prefer it over the second. It was just more R&Bish. His second one was more of a dance album. I'm actually excited about hearing his new stuff too!

& Aubrey sucks. She went from potential pop princess with a loveable personality to a platinum blonde slut. I actually hope Dawn blows up bigger than Aubrey.

AUDREY said...

YES! I have had this love for Chris brown since God knows when! I honestly have to say that I didn't play his second cd over & over like I did the first one.

I do like R&B junk more, so I guess that may be why.

& Aubrey does suck. Did you see her in that one magazine spread? I can't remember what magazine, but she looked like a coke addict.