I just got home from the concert.

Metro, Station, Tyga, The White Tee Affair, and Cash Cash all played. It was super fun! I loved it, plus it was my little brother's first concert experience His favorite band is Metro Station, so it was cool to see his reaction. He was dacing all over the place & didn't care who seen it. Fun shit I must say. =]

Plus, I didn't know Tyga was going to be there, so that DEFINATELY brightened my time.

I've been working alot. Getting ready for my trip, which is this weekend. Friday when I leave for school, I won't be back until Sunday night. It's a little bit thrilling, but then again it's kind of like......overwhelming.

I will post the videos as soon as I can! I had a lot of fun.

So, I have five days off of work this week.

I work tomorrow, Monday, & Tuesday and then NO WORK until next Monday. Part of it is because of my trip, but hey! It's all good.

I'm also getting more and more excited about this independant studies thing. I cannot wait.

OH YEAH & graduation. Who ever heard of some shit that you gotta PAY for graduating? Why should we, as students, pay for caps and gowns? It's a pricey experience.


secret love notes said...

a] i am very excited that you went to that concert. haha seriously. =]
b] i'm jealous that you're making loads of cash and i'm not hah. i need a new job. =[
c] i hope you have lots of fun on your trip!
d] i know right! wtf? we've paid for activity cards and all that, plus it's supposed to be a FREE education? i just think $30 is ridiculous especially for something we don't get to keep!
e] i'm going to miss you when you have independant study. =[ but we will still hang out!
and f] no freaking lie. your blogs make me happy. i come to your page like every day and get sad when i don't read anything new lol.

Anonymous said...

audge, it wasn't the White Tee Affair, it was the White Tie Affair.

Anonymous said...

audge, it wasn't the White Tee Affair, it was the White Tie Affair.

Anonymous said...

damn. and i thought my life was busy! glad you liked the concert.