Tonight, I went into my photobucket albums, and realized that there's too many old memories in there. I deaded Autmn from my life, so there's no need to have her on my friends list, pictures, or number in my phone. I deleted it all. I deleted her from my Myspace, all the pictures of us, and even her numbers. I kind of felt weary about deleting the pictures, because those hold memories or my teenage life. I did what I had to do. I;m not here to dwell on what never was, and what couldn't have been. There's no use in me trying to play the role and make excuses for her, saying she was a good friend and whatnot. Because she wasn't. Which was exactly the problem. If she was a good friend, she'd still be around. But enough of that...

I also cleaned out osme older pictures of me, my other friends, and even pets that I used to have. It's crazy how different I looked. I've changed a lot, just over the past year. Imagine me last November, which was exactly a year and a month ago, I had no piercings with long hair. And now... shits crazy.

Here's a prime example of how often I changed.

Here's sophmore year with jessica.

Then here's begining of junior year with jessica.

Now here's senior year with jessica, on my 18th birthday.

All in all, Jessica has been around for my whole high school experience. I wonder if she thinks I've changed?


Shantae said...

You kinda make me wanna go through mine lol

You & your friend are uber cute. She looks like she may be a sweetheart!

AUDREY said...

thank you miss shantae.

& yeah, she's the same one that bought me that PRE birthday gift.