It's almost that time...

It's truely almost that time to actually start looking on to see the relationships with my friends and how they really are. I cannot tell you who to be friends with and/or who to hang with, but don't say some crazy shit just so it seems like you understand me. Don't say that you don't want a certain friend or you aren't close to that friend & they just don't know it UNLESS you mean it. There's a few of you, ONE I'm zoning in on, that say stuff like this. Claim that you are or aren't close to a person and thenact different. It's old. That's how you lose friends. Seriously.

I know I can't hog all the friendship out of you, but don't tell me that I'm your best friend and then act totally different.

That's shady.


secret love notes said...

Are you talking about me? =/

Shantae said...

Aw mama, I'm going through the exact same thing. It's funny how people you're so genuine to can be so insincere in return. I'm learning that you can't be good to everyone -- that's not to say you should be bad; but that they just don't deserve your efforts.