I'm so excited for Friday to come.
I CANNOT wait. You guys DO NOT understand how ready I am to be done with school.
I don't want to leave my friends though. And I know that once I leave, a lot of people will forget about me.

It's gonna be tough, but I'll manage. I can't be close with everybody.
Ahhh, well.

PS: I need to change my fishes water.
It looks like they are swimming in apple juice.
I know that sounds bad, but the only reason I haven't changed it os because it's for thier own good.

It's been so cold outside, I didn't want to switch thier water and then have the water not heat up to the right temperature.
Another thing, I am really proud of myself. i have been trying to keep my room clean, which is beyond the norm for me.


xxjudyyboOty said...

lmao. that makes one of us.
my room is TERRIBLE.
clothes everywhere that need to be folded. I hate folding clothes.
My sem just ended last friday. So i feel ur pain!

supreme. said...

i used to have fish, i want a puppy tho.