I am not motivated. I really don't care about this class. This class being creative writing, sucks right now. I can't even get enough energy to do the stupid ass book that I am supposed to be doing. I am missing like 2 other stories and I just don't know why the EFF I cannot get in the mood to write. It sucks, because I wanted to do good in this class. I really did. It was like...something to help me get more creative and stuff. Pretty much all I have done in this class is- made a new friend. Her name is Danielle. She's super cool. She's pretty too, like a lion. Whenever I think about her, I think about her lion hair picture on Myspace. She's got a lip piercing, which I absolutely love. I adore it! JEEZ.

Anyways, for some reason I feel like talking about Danielle. She's purty. :)

& I feel bad for Corrie because she needs this credit. we haven't been doing what we should in this class. It sucks.


secret love notes said...

i'm sorry you don't feel motivated.
i feel that way about every class. =/

i love audrey. thanks for being there for me. <3 and i expect those 500 MAC blushes i hope you know! you can even keep half of them lmao.
i can't wait for your birthday!
what would you like? <3

Shantae said...

Don't feel bad ..I sucked in my creative writing class too. It's probably because there were too many restrictions. I told my teacher "It might as fucking well be a regular literature class ..shit!"

She kicked me out, btw. Guess she didn't like my "creative" opposition to her class. Moral of the Story: Never eat cheese that's blue ..or somethin.

Anonymous said...

i wish the best for you, audge,

ILY, audreyyyyy!