Lately, I've been on my Tynisha Keli groupie status more than ever.

It's amazing how there's people who come from nothing to something. Tynisha has been struggling in the music game for about 10 years, been in foster care, lost her father at a young age, recently lost her younger brother, and has been in the hoods of MA all her life. I always get a kick out of seeing someone who is coming up in life, when it's tough as hell! Anyways, her voice is nice, she's a beautiful girl, and she's humble. Her story is quite the tale. I cannot wait to hear how her album actually turns out. It should be dropping in January. Keep a look-out for that.

So, in all good fun, I was bored and decided to make this....

I love it, even tho it is simple.
You CAN click it to see it better. the chronicles of tynisha keli is the title of her album, BTW.


Ariele said...

omg i love tk tooo!! her voice is hella good. she played a show out here like 2months ago and killed it everyone was surprised & hella impressed.