Most of the people who I know that blog, are also tied into YouTube. YouTube is always fun and entertaining, but there's always a catch to something that seems so great. How many times have you jumped on YouTube and AUTOMATICALLY found an amazingly funny video? A video that tickles your fancy so much that you watch it 2 and 3 times? It's hard to do that shit! I recently ran across an actual blog that can help you, if you have this problem.

The Vlog Blog.

The above link, is a link to a blog. The whole point to this blog is to actually GIVE you videos that are worth watching. The two ladies that run the blog are really funny, and go through a lot, because we all know how hard it is to sift through the wack videos and find great ones. That's exactly what they do. They always have great videos to show you, with the Youtubers link and a short review about the channel. Check out this blog!

ANNNNDDD for the first time EVER, I actually tried singing on YouTube. I know I messed up and stuff, but hopefully it's okay.

You can visit my YouTube for more videos of myself.