So, today I went to my high school to drop off my books and pick up some stuff that I had ordered before break. I don't go to school anymore, so I had to go talk to the principal and get a pass to be in the halls and whatever else. So, first I wanted to go to my Algebra class, so I could drop off that heavy ass book and also because I wanted to see Rachel and Jessica! This teacher does NOT like me, BTW. He sucks at life, seriously. I'm not even joking or doing any kind of over-exaggerating. I handed him the book in a polite manner and he started telling me that he was going to report me as truant because I was still scheduled to be in his class and blah blah. Like seriously? Dude, STFU. It kind of made me mad at how rude he was being. But whatever, I kinda had a feeling his ass was gonna do somethin like that. He always has some smart shit to say. I went on to my other class to get the stuff I had ordered. I got a DECA long sleeve t-shirt, a short sleeved one, and a hoody. They have my name on them. :)

Afterwards, I went to sign up for my Independent Studies program. I was nervous because I had no idea what was in store for me! But after all, it turned out well. I met up with this guy, filled out papers, and got my picture taken for my id badge. I guess you cannot get into the building without it. Just like high school, pretty much. I had to sign all of these code of conduct papers and shit too! I really didn't understand that part because I'm only going there to pick up my homework and drop it off. It's not like I'm even gonna have time to do something disorderly. Then he took me to meet up with the English teacher there. I only need my last English credit. I thought there was going to be loads of work and stuff, but it turns out that there's only SEVEN packets that I have to do. i have 2 already this week! Like..I will totally fly through this shti! GAHHHH.

On another note, I started reading this book called "It's kind of a funny story". It's about a teenager who lives in NY and he is depressed and suicidal, but the book isn't depressing at all. It's humorous in a way that doesn't make the whole situation humorous? If that makes sense....but, it's a great book. Funny as shit.


secret love notes said...

He's an ass, we're gonna key his car! :]
I'm glad independant studies is easy, and I'll try to keep you updated on grad stuff.
And that book sounds pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

i friggin showed the book to you.
i feel so freakinnnnnnnn special.

and iloveyou more than rachel does!

so HA!
she can shove it.
: ]
just kiddn.