For one, I'm not sure how many people have falls often, or even close encounters with falling, but it SUCKS.

Today did NOT start off good. First of all, I was like really tired, and it seemed like everyone and their mother wanted to text me, WHICH IS COOL, but not when I'm fucking trying to sleep! Anybody who knows me, probably knows that I stay up late and sleep in late. SO, please tell me why you still choose to text me early? Granted I will respond back in a pleasant manner, but that doesn't mean I'm not pissed.

Anyways, I was up since the phone wouldn't stop, and I needed to be up for work too. I went downstairs and got was trying to talk to my mom about some stuff, like just random stuff. She was on the phone and OBVIOUSLY wasn't trying to listen, even though I was like sighing, and groaning and stuff, trying to get her off the phone.

I went back upstairs, with a lovely bowl on Raisin Bran. and NO LIE that is my favorite cereal, BTW. Didn't think too much of how cold it was until I remembered to feed my fish. Now, these fish I have, are Betas and they cannot have too hot nor too cold water, so when you touch the outside of the tank, it shouldn't be FREEZING. This problem has happened before. Usually what I do is, place the small tank on top of the heating vent for my room. I know it might sound harmful, but really it's not. It doesn't let me and my family enjoy a fish fry or anything of that nature, it just heats the water a little bit.

So, I put the fish on the vent, ate some more, blah blah. So, my phone rings. It only rang once, I noticed it was my mom. So, since I already had to go take my bowl downstairs, which still had milk in it, I decided that I would go and ASK her what she wanted. NO WAY! God just DID NOT want to make it that simple for me....

All in one motion, I trip over the fish tank, fall down the stairs, AND spill milk all over the floor and myself. At this point I was pretty much devastated. I had no idea what I even tripped over. I quickly stood up, and realized the FISH! My poor little blue fish was just laying there on the wood floor. He wasn't even flipping around! Impulsively, I started screaming! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM.

It was scary, you guys. So she comes running up the stairs, and stops at the milk spilled all over. And I'm like "No! My fish! My fish is on the floor!" She's like "OMG". Like..this shit was fucking traumatic for me. I'm surprised I didn't suffer an anxiety attack. Whatever, though. She picked him up and put him back in the tank, and blah blah. He is still swimming around and stuff, so I hope he lives.

I know, I know. That story is like...AMAZING. I was scared though, really. I didn't even want to do that shit. I don't even want my fish to die. Like...I love em and stuff.



secret love notes said...

awh baby.
your fish sounds fine, i'm sure it'll be ok.<3
i'm sorry you had a bad day,
and if i texted you early, i'm sorry. i can't remember if i texted you this morning or not.

Anonymous said...

Aww poor thing. ):

Lol, I was like that about my cat, so I can def. relate to not wanting them to die.

Adina Renée. said...

dang, babe. =/