I haven't posted in a few days, and I was told by more then one person, that I need to blog.

So, friday night I went to iHOP. I went with Celeste, Carrie, and Celeste's girlfriend, Christina. We had fun. There's not much to say. It was my first night meeting Christina and Carrie. Whatever, though. The best and worst part was that I accidentally walked into the men's bathroom. I have never done that before, so it was funny to me. What made it embarrassing is that one of the waiters saw me, and he told all the other waiters, and then proceeded to smile at me EVERY SINGLE TIME he walked past our table. It was all good though, at least I finally saw what a urinal looks like.

I've been reading my head off lately. I need some more good books, so if anyone has a good book, make sure to shoot me the title. I would be more than happy to look into it. I am reading this book called Night. It's about the whole Auschwitz/Hitler/concentration camp thing. It's a true story about a 15 year old boy who lost his family along the way. It's a whole 110 page book, so I'm pretty much through with it. I had to choose a book for my Independent Studies program, and that's the book I chose. I was reading this other book before I started Night, and so I still have to go back to that... I'm also thinking about picking up the Twilight books. My brother has pretty much all of them, I just don't know if I will like them...

I've been trying to grow my nails out. I have a bad nail-biting problem. So, just to see some nail growth makes me uber happy! I just don't like the flimsy feeling of the nails. How do I go about making them stronger? I cannot wait to paint them. I hope I can NOT bite them and ruin all progress.

Work has sucked lately. I keep getting less and less hours. Today I had a whole FOUR fucking hour shift, and when I got there my manager was telling me how he was thinking of calling me and telling me not to come in. He told me that I should'nt be at work longer than TWO hours. It's like...WTF. I got a whole 20 hours a week, get your head out of your ass and just let me fucking work my hours! UGH.

I've been a little bit on the depressed side lately. I been so depressed I don't even blog anymore! Anybody who really knows me, knows how much I love to blog and be an active person on the internet. I just feel so alone and left out since I don't go to school anymore. I really don't know how people can honestly just DROP OUT like they do....

I feel like everyone has forgotten me. I really have been wanting to hang with jessica. It seems as if she just disregards me completely. Oh well, though. I don't really have anyone else that I can turn to....

My mom has a birthday in 4 days. I'm excited. Tomorrow I am buying her a new cell phone. She doesn't know about it. So, I hope that if my kid brother reads this, that he doesn't say anything to her. I am trying to find a way so that on Friday, I can sneak to the cell phone place and have her service switched without hew knowing.

Other than that, nothing has been going on with me. OH YEAH! I haven't drank a SIP of soda for 26 days, :)


Jessica Nichole;; [RIP JMD] said...

Hey baby
i dont disreguard you.
i dont even know what that means lol
sorry we havnt hung out
ive been working so much
and the 2 days off i have it feels
like a dont want to do anything.
i promise we will hang out soon though

i love you

p.s. i just got facebook && im needing serious help!