LMFAO. I really cannot express to you guys how funny shit like this is. Now I know that Myspace is the last place to propose your individuality and expect for it to be looked upon as just that, and nothing more. NAHH, SONNN. there's always SOMEONE who wants to be like someone else. i'm not saying that i've always thought up my own ideas and shit, but DAMN.

there was a little issue with some random broad requesting me on myspace. she knew one of the other people i knew on myspace and saw one of my shoutout vids that i made for her. this girl is SOOO funny. she went to go look at my other videos.

i guess she saw the most recent video of me getting my lip pierced. turns out that the person i talk to goes over to this girls house, and sees that she got her lip pierced. her explanation?

"i saw miss feedmekicks' video and i wanted to get my lip pierced"


THENNNN. turns out that she watches my videos often and she thinks i'm "soooo funny"

Like...get serious.

you should click that picture to see it bigger. ")


secret love notes said...

omg thats kind of creepy.

Anonymous said...

ewww. i agree with the person before me ...lol that's weird.

its a shame that people no longer have their own ideas and thoughts.
similar situation i had: so girl got her hair cut just like mines & started to dress like me, i was like i can wear i brown paper bag and next week she will be wearing one smh...posers.

Anonymous said...

Lol @ that.