So, if we aren't best friends any longer, let alone friends at all, and you talk shit about me- WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CONTINUE TO ASK MY FRIENDS ABOUT ME? BITCH GET OFF IT.

So, my ex best friend is on some crazy shit. She was asking one of my best friends about where I've been and shit. It's like..bitch I told you where the fuck I was going. Don't act brand new to the whole situation. ya kno? It's pretty fucking annoying because there's no need for her to ask Jessica about me, when just like last week she was talking shit because my other best friend Rachel wouldn't give her a fucking ride somewhere. She knows that she's just jealous. She's not gonna learn any new details about me from my friends..they know that she aint shit. I wish she would give it up and just keep bein a super whore-ish slut. =/


Chicky Love! said...

that's so fucking crazy, forget her and move on. =]

JuJu said...

lol get her ma ;)

secret love notes said...

i pretty much didn't want to post that blog,
because i didn't want you to be disappointed. =/