Don't you hate when your so honest with someone, yet they still think that you are lying or not telling the whole truth? I absolutely hate it. It happens when some of the most important things you are saying are true, and the other side thinks negatively towards you in that situation. What if you do something wrong to a person, and you want to make things right, but there's just no way to gain their trust back? How do you go about doing that?

I've just been thinking about this situation a lot lately. Like..how many people do you lie to and they find out? How many people actually fully forgive you for lying to them, or about them, or whatever the situation was? how many people really walk away from that situation and completely forgive you? Probably not many. I think, as myself, I always think about what that person did in the back of my mind even if I have forgave them.

Is there anybody you have never betrayed their trust? I think there's always one time for everyone that they break your trust. Trust is one of the only things that people honestly have control over, in this life. There's not really anything you can have forever. People like to say that they will be friends forever, but think about it. How many times have you said that and actually meant it?...Did it happen? Probably not.

...Anyways, there's no particular reason for writing this blog, I've just really been thinking about what people are REALLY guaranteed in life. It's not much, might I add...


secret love notes said...

I know what you're saying, but I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing.
Sometimes bad things can strengthen a relationship. Broken trust sucks but I think it can be forgiven.

Adina Renée. said...

thanks honey.