So, I have been listening to this song "Change Me" off of Keri Hilson's new album. After I just actually started listening to it, I started thinking about the actual meaning to the song.

There's plenty of people who get into relationships and then break up and the break up is because the person is too controlling or is trying to change how you are or act. I would just like to know why. Why would people waste their time. Why would you waste time getting into a relationship if they don't like how the person is. If you have this idea of changing your partner, or anything of that nature, why would you even mess with them?

It makes no sense. If you aren't compatible in the beginning with that person then why would you waste your time? Now I do understand that sometimes people can seem different in the beginning, and sometimes it takes time to see their true colors, but I just don't understand.

Another thing I don't understand is when people say they "fell out of love". How can that happen so sudden? There has to be signs, or some sort of situations that occurred to make it that way, right? Partners shouldn't have to camouflage who they are to be within that relationship.

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Chunkz; said...

I totally agree w| you. why do people try to change you?