March 14th, 2009.

So, yesterday I went cosmic bowling with my cousin Cassie, Nikki, my cousin Sara, and some other people Nikki knew. It was her birthday party type deal and it was pretty fun. Even though, I don’t think I EVER finished a game of bowling, I had loads of fun. There was a lot of people
that I didn’t know, so it was fun and interesting. There was this lady with like a HUGE ass, and I think she heard me and Cassie talking about her because soon after that she left. LMFAO.

I think that there’s always more room to get to know people, even if you don’t want to. I was having some discussion with my kid brother today about why he should try and make friends in all of his classes and not just sit there in all of them. He honestly didn’t think I was right, but I said all that I could. It’s weird to me because I never really saw other people outside my community. Like, I knew other people existed, but I never really thought it would be an option to get to know any of them.

For instance, I never really knew anybody from Central High School or South High School, so I never knew anybody from there. So when people would tell me “Oh do you know such and such”, my immediate response would be “What school do they go to”. If it was anything besides North High School, my answer was absolutely no, I wouldn’t know the person they were mentioning. That sounds silly, but that was how I thought. Now that I don’t go to school, I see no reason to ask what school they went/go to. It’s like now, people are people to me. There’s more than just people in Omaha North High School, or Omaha, or….the country for that matter. It just hit me recently, so I would hope that other people didn’t have such a close-minded outlook on things like this.