When you look back on things in life, well people in life, it's crazy to see how they have changed. I swear to God I never thought I would see Nuvia move from Nebraska. I swear to God I never thought she would be the type to have someone who treats her better than she treated herself. She got done wrong by so many guys, to see her in a new place and happy is amazing to me.

Two years ago when she moved from Nebraska, I was terrified. This girl was my best friend. She lived just next door and I was constantly there. She introduced me into some things I never thought I would learn about unless it wasn't for her. She really means a lot to me. I wish she could see this blog.

We had our hard times, but we always got through it. I swear I was always there when she needed me and the same for myself. She really has changed a lot and I'm proud of her.

I wish I could go to Kentucky and see her. Maybe I can. I just think too much will have changed to rekindle what was gone for two years.