I went and shut down a few of my websites that I wasn't on. I guess it was just me trying to dead all the extra shit I had going on. At first I thought it would be a good idea to have all these sites open, but it's really just too hard to maintain. I'm a firm believer in not burning bridges and keeping connects through the inter, but.....no. Lol. I gave up my Flickr, Tumblr, Myyearbook, and....I think that's it. I know there's probably a few other out there that I need to delete, but I'll get around to it.

As of now, you can only find me on Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, and both AIM & Yahoo Messenger...well besides here as well.

On another note, today is beautiful. I really wish I wouldn't have slept the entire day away. I got a lot accomplished this morning before I knocked out. I put away my clothes, took some out of the dresser that I don't wear, straightened up my entire room, changed my fish water, and....cleaned off my desk. I'm trying to think if that's all I did....yeah, I think so.

Anyway, this post is MAD random. Whatevz.


.domo. said...

ahah i need to get rid of some sites as well lol. have a wonderful evening =]

Maddie Madd said...

I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago..I haven't even been on myspace in weeks..if it wasn't for this damn toolbar I would never be logged in..lol

secret love notes said...

dude, i always want to do that but i forget the passwords and stuff. xD

oh, and in reference to your previous post, i definitely want to hear about what happened with teresa and mr. perfect-soundin-ass ASAP. <3

Keike Nicole said...

yu seem bout like me. i do that all the time...im not on too many sites anymore either. its good yu got up & did somethin on such a nice day. keep up the work lady!!!

Fran said...

I wish I could be as productive as you!