Honestly, do you ever really feel like someone has your back? Do you ever feel like somebody completely understands you? Is there really a time where you feel safe telling people things? I don't ever feel like I can tell people anything. I feel like people use you just for what you have to offer and not for you, in a personality sense. That's not okay. It's not okay for people to use you, let alone okay for you to think like that. In a complete sense, how do you get past that? How can so many people feel open about what they have to offer, or who they even are? I feel like if you are a genuine person, you give yourself to people willingly, knowing that there's a chance of them using you, and whatever else.

I guess what I'm saying is, do people that use other people have the same mind frame? Do they think the same as someone who gets used?

I really just can't fathom the whole sense of using somebody for what they have to offer. When you see a genuine person, you know it. So, how can people act in a whole sense of trust, and then not mean a word of it?

It's a trust issue, in a sense.

All I wanna know is, does everyone else feel the same as I do?

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Unknown said...

Yeah i feel u
but the way i see it;if you cant be used, ur useless.
if people never tried 2 use me;i would probably feel like i have nuthin 2 offer them.If sumone is "mis" or "over" using u;then theres a problem

Maddie Madd said...

I used to feel that way when I was younger, but I realized that if you are a nice cool azz person, you can't let the losers change you. There's always gonna be that one person who will try to take advantage. Use it as a stepping stone and a lesson and move on. Life is too short. But at least you will be able spot loserness from afar next time and will be able to avoid it..lol

Maddie Madd said...

Tommy makes a good point!!!