Today was my senior banquet. Like, honestly I didn't have a good time. I didn't even talk to half of the people there. The pizza wasn't that great either. A good thing was that I totally spent some time with Rachel. Did I mention that Rachel means A LOT to me? Well, she does. I didn't win any awards and I wasn't in the slide show. I'm not mad about it at all because HELLO! I haven't been to school since December, so I wouldn't expect to have been mentioned. Here's the FEW pictures I took.

Anyways, what I really wanted this blog to be about is the aftermath of high school. I know that people say high school is where you make most of your friends, but what if you didn't open up enough to get to know people like you wanted? What if you stopped going to school to work, and didn't meet everybody?

What I'm saying is, I am very unhappy with how many GOOD friends I left high school with. I know that in a way it's my fault. I didn't get all extra involved ins school, I stopped going, I had half days, and I was too shy at all the wrong times. I feel like I will miss out on a lot of people who could have been good friends. There's nothing I can do now, it just sucks that I went through those years with just a few close friends and MAD acquaintances. I wish it could have been the other way around, but whatever.


Ginger said...

i know exactly how you feel. i did the same thing in highschool. i didn't regret it until i got older & realized i didn't really have a lot of people to hang with. however, i know that college is a good place to meet friends so i going will help you a lot. & there you can also meet a lot more mature people that i'm sure you'll get along with better. so cheer up boo.

Chicky Love! said...

i'm happy for you, even tho you didn't have fun, at least you got to see a few of your friends and all.
You look amazing, plus you are amazing btw.
Plus after high school is over a lot of people move on and meet hella more people and have more fun than they did in high school. =]

secret love notes said...

dude, i love you. (:
i know it wasn't that fun, but i'm glad you were there. ahah.
but i know what you mean! it's weird like knowing who all these ppl are, but never really getting to know them & wishing you would have.

Anonymous said...

i guess from the opposite side of the spectrum, you always have the summer to get closer to your acquaintances. or if you choose against you still have those close friends.

& as a senior i know how you feel, i think that i missed out on a lot of things outside school cos my mom wouldn't allow me to go out that frequently. but there's always college! so make the best with THOSE years!

Shantae said...

Ehhhhhh ..highschool friends are extremly over rated. The ones I did have I barely keep in touch with. I catch them every few years and we usually only communicate through myspace. I think I've grown out of them and some of them never really grown out of "highschool." Nahmsizzin?

Cute outfit btw!

AUDREY said...

i agree. hopefully i can have a different outlook on how i approach ppl in college.

yeah, it was nice to go to tho. lol..
& thanks you :)

i had fun with you, gurrrll!

yeah, i understand that! and that always sucks as well. i had a mom who trusted me and wasn't afraid to let me go out. she trusted me to make good decisions. i hope college just brings me more friends, ya kno?

thanks, girl. i think you are right about high school friends being over rated. most of the time ppl change after they leave HS anyway. idk, man. & thnks for the compliment.