I HATE liars. I HATE people who lie for no reason. I HATE people who lie to for something to do! It's so annoying, and generally the lie isn't even thought through enough to ACTUALLY be believable. I do understand small white lies, even if they aren't to spare someones feelings. I'm not saying I haven't lied to someone about what I was doing, or lied about who I was with, or lied about what I was about to, BUT I've never lied about something irrelevant as some people of late have been doing.

Anyways, liars are uber lame. Like, someone lied to me about getting off AIM because of some reason. Like...seriously? (insert irritated face here) It aint even THAT serious. If you aint tryna chat with me, then just say BYE. LOL.

Moving along, lies aren't good for anything. Usually when you tell a lie, you end up having to keep your lies stringing together. To cover up a lie, you have to lie again, and to cover that lie about the first lie, you have to make another lie. In the end, you're just fake as fuck for no reason, just because you couldn't be real and tell the truth. The truth may hurt at times, but that's life. Get over it, babe.

On another note, there's been a few people that have left my life recently, and I can't be mad about shit at this point, BUT there has been a few people that have came into my life as well.

First. Daniel. He's really funny and will STAY chatting with me. I am always in a good mood when I talk to him, and half the time we just talk about things that aint even really nothing. He's cool. I just stopped talking to Bear, which is fine with me because he doesn't seem to care, and Daniel has helped me get over it. He actually helped me break things off with Bear, if you'd like to know the truth. Anyways, thank you Daniel, for being a true friend through all of the shit I tell you about. PS: You're a hooker. :)

Another person, I don't know if I should even say a name because I don't really want attention brought to her. Anyways, I have this friend that I wasn't really as close to, but I wanted to be close to because she's an amazing person. The other night she came to me and I actually learned that I am closer than I thought. I'm not sure if she always thought of me as close, or if the situation at hand helped me gain the closeness, either way, it's cool with me. She's mad cool, and she's very forgiving. Even after a bunch of shit I put her though. I'm glad that I can feel like we are close and not just talk-whenever-there's-nobody-else pals.

Anyways, I've rambled on now. Moral of this post: DON'T FUCKING LIE.

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Anonymous said...

yess. i hate liars and it never matters the size of the lie because its still a lie! an ongoing cycle thats more than always unnecessary! letting people go is always a good/bad.. ALWAYS. but in time everything will be fine. <3