So, there's this dude.
His name is Cris.
Yeah, Cris..without an H.
He feels some type of way about me not blogging about him.
That's fine. So, now I'm blogging about him.
...to make him happy.

Why do I always do shit to make other people happy?
Makes almost NO sense.

Cris is mad cool.
We talk mad early in the morning because neither of us sleep at a regular time.
I dig him a lot.
I don't dig how he won't give me the Ace Hood download link.

There's not really much to say because honestly, I don't know much about him.
When we talk it's really just....off the head type shit, nothin too serious or informational.
But yeah...I met him on Twitter.
Follow him.



R. Alexandra said...

lol, i got the ace hood download link in my blog . shits fire .

iforgotmyname said...

dropped twitter like a bad habit =/