First of all, I really need to blog more. A lot is going on right now, but when August hits, I plan to blog everyday. Even if I don't have tons of shit to blog about. I WILL blog. I used to love blogging. I dunno what happened to the Blogging world. Everyone on Blogspot has been cutting back on Blogging. It could just be because it's summer and people are busy, it could be that blogging is just not IN anymore, I think it's because Twitter came along. I know I'm addicted to twitter and I can't shake the addiction.

Anyways, my Grandma is STILL in the hospital. She's STILL not doing good at all. There's a lot of things wrong with her, so I won't put a bunch of details out there. Thanks to anybody who has said kind words to me, but I will not be giving out details about what's going on with her anymore. It's personal. What I will say is that there's a really rare something going on with her. The hospital says that it's a rare case & her case is the most sever they have seen. What REALLY scares me is that we were exposed to it. My entire family has been here, unknowingly exposing ourselves to what she's infected with.

The doctors are doing research and other things of that nature to find out more about her case. The bad part is that my family has to take some type of pills to make sure that we didn't extract what she's got. It really sucks, but I don't care. I want my Grandmother better.

On another note...It bothers me how families can be so conniving and deceitful. Why do my aunts & uncles not give twos hits about my Grandma until she's on her last leg? WAIT...I know why..because they KNOW about the will. So as soon as she's no longer here they wanna walk around with their hand held out. Boy, have I got a thing for them! I...AUDREY..is the power of attorney. You REALLLY think that you're gonna come fuck shit up? No way, bruh. Whatever, though. It's irritating. I've got an aunt who thinks because she's the oldest, she should be signing the papers at hospital letting them do the procedures. So, why if you got the pen in your hand are you turning to my Mom? Is it because you don't know SHIT about her situation? How you gonna try and jump in control when, if asked, you couldn't name 1 out of 13 medicines my grandma takes a day. Smh.

Anyway, I did go on a little rant, but fuck it. It's my blog. Tell a friend, to tell a friend to read my blog. :)


Shantae said...

That's how family is. Showing their true colors at the most inconvenient of times. Just stay strong and be logical! Good luck mama.

Anonymous said...

i cried reading this.
just saying.

Anonymous said...

I think all families at one point are similar to yours. everybody wants a say, to be in charge, $$, etc. but I do hope things begin to look up for you & your family. just pray & keep God first, he'll make a way. *pinky promise*(:

Adina Renée. said...

my zodiac sign - cancer.