I realize that when people want somethin they are the friendliest. All of a sudden they love you, remember your number, hit you on the regular, and just remember your whole existence all together. I can't even lie and say I never did no shit like that, but constantly? That's just a buncha bullshit to me.

There's people like me who are just too nice for my own well being. I sit around and think that people will see what I can do, and actually BEFRIEND me, but in all actuality it's people that jut see what I can do and see an opportunity to hold their hand out.

Like 39408 people have ased me to help them with photoshop and shit like that. And ME? What do I do? I say yes. Like...most of the time I don't even want to. I'm so lazy, selfish, and stingy. What makes you think I really want to sit around and make shit for you when you aint payin me? LOL.

Anyways, it's not even just the whole Photoshop thing. It's other shit too and other PEOPLE. I feel like that's all people are nowadays. It really sucks because you could honestly just run though a kick ass person and it would just JUST THAT- a run through. That sucks...for both parties.


theQCB said...

Nevermind them, because some people will clearly serve their purpose in your life. Its up to you to see them for who they really are; You seem like a smart girl, gotta do whats best for you (Trust, you'll feel a whole lot better about it once its done!)

Adina Renée. said...

this shit happens to me on a daily, and if they ain't payin', i'm not makin'.

Shantae said...

What bitch? You're helping other ppl with photoshop and not me even though I asked you a mad gazillion times? What's that about?!

.domo. said...

its ALWAYS like that. you knwo what? if they only really come aorund when they holding their hand out,turn the other way

Jas. said...

[sigh] tis life , you are always going to meet people like that...my sister goes through the same thing

and thank you for the comment my dear, I was surprised myself at how well I was taking my Grandpa's passing, but I guess I didn't realize the strength God has given me. I really miss him, but I know he's at peace and one day I will see him again :]

once again thank you so much I appreciate it

Anonymous said...

i agree 100%
shit is ridiculous.