Over the past few days, a few things have surfaced to people that don't really need to know my business. Well, the people may be obliged to know, but not if I don't want them to. So, for one, if I don't tell YOU something from my mouth...that means what? THAT I DON'T THINK IT'S A DAMN NECESSITY FOR YOU TO KNOW. Another thing, if I let you into my circle enough to KNOW some shit about me, why would you open your mouth and tell someone else?

Anyways, if I've found out about your little mouth-running issues, then you've been DEADED from my circle. Don't try to get back in, cuz bitches know what they do when they're doing it. Real shit.

Anyways, I feel like this could possibly be one of my greatest pet peeves. That's like...talking behind your back, right? telling your business? Something like that. I hate that shit. So, while you're smilin all in my face, tellin the people around me my business, you're getting the damn boot.

-On a lighter note, sorry I haven't been blogging. I kinda had a drought. I still feel like I'm in one. I don't really have shit to type about.


Ahh well.