So, let's just right into it.

The "Run This Town" video leaked. WOMP. No bueno or the wait, but I won't post the video.

Enough about that. I know I said I was going to be blogging more, but then all of a sudden things came up. so, i gotta do what I've gotta do.

I don't think I mentioned much about my girlfriend here in my blog. I do have a girlfriend, though. Things are going well between us, but there is a few issues. The issues aren't within the relationship, but within the shit that goes on around us. It's hard to explain without puttin all my business out here. I don't wanna do that, though. All I know is that we are gonna make it work, however we can.

I been hanging out with rachel a lot more. This does make me happy because we kind of grew apart and I hated it. She's a really good friend, though. Today is her birthday. She's 18. :D We are going to get get industrials together. I'm excited, though. It means a lot that she actually asked me to go, because I thought she would take one of her more close friends. Anyways, we will have fun.

I had a job interview two days ago at Sears. They were impressed with my interview, so yesterday I had to go back for a second interview and I got hired. I got hired in the SHOE department, so that shit made me extra happy. I can't wait because I've been without a job for about 5 months.

The only thing I am worried about i the drug test. I have to take that today. I'm super nervous because I was smoking last week. I bought this detox drink, and all I can do is hope the shit works. If not, I'm gonna be fucked. That would make me really sad.

Today I also have a tour of my new college. I start college on September 1st. I'm really excited for this, but then again I'm nervous. It's a huge step, but hopefully I am ready. Now that I pretty much have a job, there's a ton of stress lifted off of me.

I still haven't gotten my license. it's hard for me because it's so scary for me since my friend died. I just gotta man up and take care of it, though. I need to start going to school and such.

Other than that, I don't think I am forgetting anything....I might be, though.

Ummm....New tattoo prolly coming very soon.


iforgotmyname said...

gargle vinegar

Gia said...

i have regained my smoking habit as well :/
i'm starting school again
i want a new tattoo
and i DEFINITELY want an industrial