First of all, as a disclaimer, I would like to say- I DO NOT post bullshit on this blog that I don't support, condone, or believe in. I SUPPORT, CONDONE, AND BELIEVE IN THIS ARTIST. I say that wholeheartedly. Moving on...

Here's a little about Trey & this project:

"This is the first mixtape release from the highly acclaimed artist known as Trey R. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland this emcee has what it takes to make it in Hip-Hop while simultaneously putting his city on the map. Trey R. has performed in shows and featured in numerous mixtapes throughout the DMV area. Please support this local talent, as he is well on his way to super stardom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Please go download this mixtape. He's got a whole different sound that isn't like most rappers. Give it a listen. I promise you won't be disappointed.


To find Trey, use these links.


* I was going to do a review of the songs that I liked and whatnot, but I honestly can't. Every track has somethin about it that's catchy. Just go peep it, straight up. My favorite tracks are: Ask About Me, Niketown Remix, Hazey, and Forever. Mostly Forever & Niketown Remix though.


"i made it threw the weather..."

First of all, the internet can really make or break a persons whole confidence level. I been through a lot when it comes to the internet, and I'd like to just say it's helped me realize some traits in certain people. Sometimes it can feel like you've walked a million miles with a person you know, and in an instant they throw shade and try to break you with ANY dirt they have on you. That's with internet and non-internet related relationships. It's kind of annoying, but at the same time makes me realize that you have to just sit back and really think about things. Anyways, enough about that.

I have a hard time reading people. I'm the type of person who reads into everything. Why? Because I take friendships a lot more serious than more people do these days. I would never do shit to hurt a person who I consider a friend. That's just how I am. But it happens to me a whole lot, and my feels end up getting hurt. If that makes sense. I just wish there was people around that was REAL and actually cared about your well being. I've got a lot of people who are "friends" to me, but sometimes I wonder do they think of me as being on the same level as the next person? Or is there actually something special that i hold in my character to them?

On another note, I think I'm starting to figure this thing out with my heart. That's all I can say for right now.

Anyways, enough about this seriousness. Derrick wanted me to mention him in my blog. so, here you go Derrick. I am mentioning you. I just want you to know that you're a really helpful friend. Even though I am still NOT playing the Sims 3.



When I think about it, it makes me feel so dumb. So ignorant. So absent minded.

Why do i really love her so much? It's the way she makes me feel.

I will forever be in love with the feelings she gives me.

Trust me, I'll put up with the heartbreak, the mistakes, the fights.

All for just ONE more second with her.



A year has gone by. How did we do it. We picked up the pieces and tried to put them together. It didn't help. You took your own life, before God got that chance. How could you? I know they say there's nothing like a mothers love, but there's nothing like you taking yourself away from us. I miss you a lot. I think about the last time I saw you. It doesn't make me sad anymore. It makes me happy. I have these memories of you that will never change. I love you Scott Alan Tunstall. Forever. I promise I won't forget you.

I wish you had a spot in the cemetary. I wanna come see you.

Just please keep watching over me. Tell Teresa you love her. She misses you. Tell her that I'm still in love with her. Actually, don't worry about that. I'll handle it.

I hope you are living better up there. I wish I could hug you.

-two of my favorite people.
Teresa & Scott.