"i made it threw the weather..."

First of all, the internet can really make or break a persons whole confidence level. I been through a lot when it comes to the internet, and I'd like to just say it's helped me realize some traits in certain people. Sometimes it can feel like you've walked a million miles with a person you know, and in an instant they throw shade and try to break you with ANY dirt they have on you. That's with internet and non-internet related relationships. It's kind of annoying, but at the same time makes me realize that you have to just sit back and really think about things. Anyways, enough about that.

I have a hard time reading people. I'm the type of person who reads into everything. Why? Because I take friendships a lot more serious than more people do these days. I would never do shit to hurt a person who I consider a friend. That's just how I am. But it happens to me a whole lot, and my feels end up getting hurt. If that makes sense. I just wish there was people around that was REAL and actually cared about your well being. I've got a lot of people who are "friends" to me, but sometimes I wonder do they think of me as being on the same level as the next person? Or is there actually something special that i hold in my character to them?

On another note, I think I'm starting to figure this thing out with my heart. That's all I can say for right now.

Anyways, enough about this seriousness. Derrick wanted me to mention him in my blog. so, here you go Derrick. I am mentioning you. I just want you to know that you're a really helpful friend. Even though I am still NOT playing the Sims 3.


Keike Nicole said...

i hope you don't feel negative towards me, but at the same time i consider you a friend. i always try to stay in contact with you the best way i can.

Adina Renée. said...

we haven't talked in a minute but i hope all is well with you. <3

Chicky Love! said...

i know what you mean, i've fucked up some good friendships, some i never even did anything in so it's really not my fault, but on other ones that i did fuck up in i try to apologize to them i never try to hurt people because i always end up hurt so i'd never wish that upon any one else.

i like to read people to so i know where your coming from sometimes its difficult because they flip flop and other times its clear but things can always confuse the eye of the beholder.

i hope everything is okay.
text me if you need to talk.