So, I was on a roll with my blogging. I had stated that I wanted to blog every day and make an effort to get more traffic through my blog. I had already started putting up other varieties of posts. Less deep posts, music posts, graphics, ect. That seems to be drawing more comments in. Nobody wants to sit and read about what I think ALL the time, so I thought it would be best to just switch my ways up some.

Anyways the reason why I haven't been blogging is because my internet got cut off. What joy right? I know. Anyways, I've got it taken care of and I hope to be back on the blogging scene regularly pretty soon. As of right now, I'm Blackberry blogging :)

I hope you guys like the change I made to the header and song. I wanted a more simple approach to the header, so I thought I'd do that. I've also been seeing blogs with the same type of approach to graphics, so I'm working on switching my style up. I don't want to see the dame bullshit everywhere because that's annoying.

Another thing, I've decided to start giving air time to some artists who are up-an-coming and some who are just really hot that I've met on the internet. I meet alotta people via myspace, twitter, and blogspot so I'd just like to share some of the good music I come across. So be looking for that. I'd like for you guys to drop feedback and such when I do that. Its for promotion of my blog, but also for the artist.

If you are a photographer, producer, rapper, singer, blogger, or you think you have any reason to be put on my blog, just let me know. Ill do interview, post your links, ect. Anything to get you some exposure. IF you're looking to get in touch with me for this, please email me at: audrey@iamfeedmekicks.com

anyways, look for me to be up and running again soon.