When it's all said and done, soemtimes you can't even trust your FAMILY. Sometimes they stab you right in the back just like the next person.

To me, I wonder how come trust is such a hard thing for some people. I wonder why people who are your BLOOD can't even keep it real with you or even have YOUR back. Is it really THAT hard to comprehend loyalty and honestly within your family tree?

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is...you can never honestly trust ANYONE. Some people say you can only trust your family, some say you can only trust the person who brought you into this world (your mother), and some say it's just you in the end. To me, I think it's just you. I've been betrayed by family, friends, and anyone in between. I don't think you can trust anybody. I know people who have been walked out on by their mothers, so you can't honestly trust them.

Is it hard for you to go through life wondering who you can trust? Is there ever a point in your life where you have to actually REALIZE that you can't trust anybody? Or do you just keep on pushin hopin that the last person who used your trust for wrong doings was just a fluke?


Supastarrr said...

Preach girl!
I don't fuck with anyone in my fam like that. I learned my lesson.

Kim said...

i totally had this topic on my mind for a while now, just couldn't find the words to blog about it but I'm so glad you did. personally I trust no one but God & myself. "friends" have screwed me over as well as my closest family members who I believed I could trust. in my eyes one can only trust themselves because only you know what your thoughts and intentions are. there's no deciphering who's really your friend or enemy because at the end of the day it's just YOU. it's not that difficult for me to trust, but I limit how much personal info I let out.

Love this post.