So, this chick has been stirrin up tons of commotion lately.

I give her props because she has caused a scene, and she may get the shine she wants. I don't care neither here nor there, though. Nicki Minaj is a retard and this Keys...I dunno. She's got bars, but...can we not use em to focus on this Minaj rat, please.


Anonymous said...

Man F**k Keys !!! She Jus Tryna Put Dirt On Nicki Minaj Name !!! Everybody Kno She Workin Her Way To Tha Top One Day At A Time !! She Already In Tha Game And Keys Jus Tryna Get In It !! And Lil Kim Jus Needta Chill Cuz Nicki Aint Did Nothin To Nobody !!! Maybe If Lil Kim Wouldnt Have Got All That Surgery She Woulda Look Betta Then How She Look Now !!! So Nicki Keep Doin Wat U Do And Keep It 100 !!!