So...I know I didn't speak much on the whole Chris Brown & Tyga mixtape drop, but that's because everyone else and their mother did. If you know me at all, you know that I'm a hardcore Chris Brown fan. I have been since day 1 of his career. Despite everything that's been circulated around his name, I'm still a fan of the music. Hopefully in time, people can learn to notice the mistakes, but to also let them ride out. Anyways, I won't speak too much on that. What I will speak on is the drops of two videos from the "Fan Of A Fan" mixtape.

1. Tyga & Chris Brown featuring Kevin McCall - "Deuces"

I really like the concept of the video. The black and white is nice. Chris Brown's dancing is different, but nice. The chick was bad. Tyga, Chris, and Kevin's verses on the song are all dope. It's actually my favorite song off the mixtape and I'm glad that they put out a video for it. My favorite part of the video is when they are walking down the alley. It was a nicely done video. What I didn't understand was the song and the video just didn't connect for me. They did something different, but why was the girl just walkin around? I'm just confused on the whole thing, but I like the video overall. Sidenote: Who is this Kevin McCall character?

2. Chris Brown - "No Bullshit"

This video? I love everything about it. The song was already previously dropped before the "Fan Of A Fan" mixtape, so the song isn't new to me. The song reminds me of his earlier albums, and that's where I like Chris at the most. The video is very sexy. I like how the video is sexy, but not overly sexy. Well...it's overly sexy, but the whole thing isn't just SEX. It has him dancing and whatnot as well. A lot of people will compare it to the Trey Songz joint, but really I think they're two completely separate types of videos. There's always been this issue that people talk about where Chris doesn't kiss the girls in his video and he still didn't put a whole lot of emphasis on the kissing scene. I think there was like a two second scene of them actually kissing. The rest was gropin, touchin, rubbin, lickin, ect. The lighting was sexy, the dancing on the roof was sexy, Chris looked good, the video chick looked good. I loved this video. It makes me love him more.

I think Colin Tilley did a wonderful job on both joints. Lemme know what you think.


Anonymous said...

ahhh I love that song "Deuces" and the video was different but cool I liked it

Anonymous said...

ahhh I love that song "Deuces" and the video was different but cool I liked it

Anonymous said...

you made a slight boo boo, you meant the In My Zone Mixtape :)

Unknown said...

they're both my fav.. i like bullshit a tiny bit more tho :)