I personally think that THIS case was a shoe to shoe imperfection. Not every shoe is going to come out top notch. Not every shoe is gonna be top of the shelf. Unfortunately, that's just life. You have to take certain measures to fix those types of issues. I think it is sad that the Jordan brand is having issues on their 25th anniversary releases. As a sneakerhead, someone who LIVES this shit, it really disgusts me and makes me not want to waste my cash on what heat Jordan releases.

The all white 9's that I copped creased after one wear. ONE.

All in all, I hope that Jordan takes these unsatisfied customers and really steps up the make of their sneaks. People are still going to buy into the hype, are still going to buy what's hot, and are still going to put their money into the Jordan brand. Like dude in the video said, 10 years ago, shoes weren't made like this. There's a lot of things that aren't made the same as 10 years ago. There's a lot of shit that comes out being bullshit, but that's what happens when time changes. That's nothing that we can change.


Shadé said...

I watched his video and that is just down right ridiculous. You pay all this money for this shoe and it has imperfections? Not cool!

Ahhhhh I'm sticking with my el cheapo Pro Keds lol.

Brianna said...

smh. sad. jordan better step it up.

Adina Renée. said...

that's some bullshit.

Dub said...

WOW! This is like a worst nightmare.

Anonymous said...

how about he just return them, i mean i love kicks but if im unhappy with somethin i either return it or exchange it. yeah the jordan brand needs step it up and blah blah, but stop complaining and return the shit. And i dont care how bad i want a pair of kicks im not spending $150 on them, honest to GOD if i wore anything past a size 6.5 (what i wear now) i wouldnt even consider buying jordans.