So, I been lowkey lazy when it comes to my homie, Dread. I peeped his LP a little while back, and fell in love with it. The vibe that this LP gives isn't like what most music gives you. It's got a very unique sound. Something that's hard to get tired of. Some artists give you one type of music without any different type of direction. Dread doesn't keep the same concept with every single track, but still keeps it in the ballpark that keeps himself true to who he is. I heard about Dread through people on Twitter and I actually heard his music before I even had any type of conversation with him. It turns me off when there's an independent individual doin their thing, but have the worst attitude. This right here is a cool ass dude, though. I don't want to speak on Dread's behalf though, lemme give you the run down on this LP I speak of and you can fall in love with the music like I did.

It's hard to pick just a few songs that I like off the LP. I liked almost every track that was placed on this project, with the exception of like ONE. How many people give you an LP, EP, mixtape, album, ect and you can listen all the way through? I aint been able to do that in a minute.

For The Fans is probably one of my favorites on the LP.

Dilated Peoples - The word play, sound, ect is on POINT. I bump this track often.

Screwed Up - If you don't like this joint, you trippin. This is my second favorite and I can't listen to it without wantin to get super turnt up....and I don't even drink.


Don't sleep on Dread. Hit him up: